Antsweb services
Antsweb services
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What can Antsweb do for you?

Copy Writing - Site Assessments - Web Design - Hosting - Illustrations - Domain Name Registration - Website Development - Business Development

The main strands to AntsWeb are:

Site design and graphics

Site assessment
Creative and editorial services

Site design:

"Do we need a web site?"

Antsweb will take site design from the first realisation that you need a site right through to a fully functional e-presence, including the design of logos and graphics relevant to your company. It is important to up-date your site. Antsweb will either offer to maintain your site, perform up-dates when you require or train your staff to maintain your own site.

The most important elements are:
Good quality site design

Site assessment:

"Why isn't my site working?"

Some companies may already have a web site, but it is not visited, or it is not functioning as they hoped. Frequently a poorly designed site will be actively discouraging potential customers. Antsweb will visit the site and prepare a full report on site functionality and user-friendliness with suggestions on how improvements can be made.

Examples where Antsweb has produced a critique are:
Atomic Gifts
Century Workwear

Creative and Editorial services:

"How can I express this better?"

Antsweb have produced all sorts of creative writing such as

  • advertising copy for a chain of fashion shops
  • a technical submission to the Irish Government on the assessment methodology for lime
  • editing an artist's catalogue translated from the German
  • correcting errors in a series of books for Heinemann Library
  • innovative and interesting stories

We will assess any written work for ambiguity and readability.